How long have kristen and michael been dating

She wore booty shorts (ugh) and black leather fingerless gloves, and a rather nice white jacket.But what was REALLY interesting was that Kristen was seated next to Michael Pitt for the Chanel show. Michael Pitt, who thinks he’s a genius-artist in the self-absorbed vein of James Franco (only somehow Pitt is even more pretentious).Less than two weeks ago, Kristen Stewart was in Paris for Paris Fashion Week.She attended the Zuhair Murad show (remember the tapered lace pants?! If I had to choose, I’d say she looked better at the Chanel show.Shepard went on to explain that he “just loved to get f**ked up – drinking, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, diet pills, pain pills, everything.”“I was famous for going out on Thursday night to have a couple of beers, and that just led all the way to Saturday night,” Shepard said, adding that he was lucky he didn’t go to jail.

Bell and Shepard don’t have anything against working together, it’s just that they rarely do so.Well, now people are saying that Michael Pitt and Kristen Stewart are a couple. KRISTEN STEWART finally has a reason to smile again.Despite the heartache over her break-up with ROBERT PATTINSON, the Twilight star has been secretly dating Boardwalk Empire actor MICHAEL PITT who she met at Paris Fashion Week.magazine, and the gorgeous nude pics reveal a body many women half her age would kill for.Michaels explained that her fitness priorities have changed as she’s gotten older, and what used to be about looks is now about strength, overall health and being there for her family.

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