How to create a dating sim game

Dating sims are often also social sims, as both games involve making choices that affect the player character’s stats and relationship with other characters.However with dating sims, the end goal is expected to be a confession scene.

What is the appeal of a game where the objective is a character’s affection?

The developers, Yuji Naka and Hiroshi Kawaguchi, had been asked by their supervisors at SEGA to make a game targeting the young female audience.

It was a technologically impressive attempt to gamify a fictional character’s love into several fetch quests. The intended audience was incredibly different: young adult men.

Through an analysis of its history, I believe that a dating sim’s strongest selling point is how it breaks down a complex idea like love into a self indulgent, tangible, and rewarding system.

To prove this, I will explore the evolution of several types of dating sim games, the general audience’s perception of these games, and its influence on LGBT game developers.

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