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Generally, the better the data you collect, the more accurate your framework will be.

For this reason, it's a good idea to consider which techniques you'll use to collect information about the roles, and the work involved in each one.

You're probably familiar with the phrase "what gets measured gets done." Defining and measuring effectiveness – especially the performance of workers – is a critical part of your job as a manager. Some people think formal education is a reliable measure.

The question is: how do you define the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that workers need to perform their roles effectively? Others believe more in on-the-job training, and years of experience.

This will help you capture the widest range of competencies that are still relevant to the whole business. This is particularly useful when using the framework for compensation or performance reviews.

To do so, take each competency, and divide the related behaviors into measurement scales according to complexity, responsibility, scope, or other relevant criteria.

The following three principles are critical when designing a competency framework: This is the main part of the framework.These levels may already exist if you have job grading in place.These questions are often asked in the form of a survey.As you roll out the finalized competency framework, remember the principle of communication that we mentioned earlier.To help get buy-in from members of staff at all levels of the organization, it's important to explain to them why the framework was developed, and how you'd like it to be used.

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Not only can your team members work more effectively and achieve their potential, but there are many business benefits to be had from linking personal performance with corporate goals and values.

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