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Harris’s journey towards his very public apology began in 2015, when he stepped down from pastoring Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, USA, to study theology.

“In trying to warn people of the potential pitfalls of dating, it instilled fear for some—fear of making mistakes or having their heart broken.

The book offered a high-road alternative to a culture of serial dating, sexual temptation, broken hearts and promiscuity—but sadly as the years passed it came to light that some churches applied his ideas legalistically, turning it into rules used to control young peoples’ lives.

Those who ended up single for years by swearing off dating, found the book’s advice let them down badly.

Shemeaka writes, “I personally loved the book, waited, was married, and have a wonderful husband and three sons.

Not to say I didn’t have vices, pitfalls and struggles in between.

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