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They are nationalist, they are moral, but their chief bias is for the aggrandizement of a particular class, that of seamen, or, even more narrowly, naval officers.

It is an over- statement, though not much so, to say that Markham's greatest ad- miration, and yours if you follow him, is for the sturdy seamen who differed from beasts of draught chiefly in that they were harnessed by themselves rather than by their masters to sledges which they dragged over snow-covered lands and winter seas.

Occasionally, during the book, you can watch her being converted.

For instance, in more than one place she seems inclined to feel, with the majority of her witnesses, that the Arctic is barren and desolate j but eventually a persuasive minority of explorers succeed in leading her to surmise that, in the North as elsewhere, such qualities may lie chiefly in the eye of the beholder.

Note MAY I ADVISE THE READER TO MAKE CONSTANT USE OF THE LARGE coloured map at the back of the book.

On the sledges, in some cases, the officers rode even more admirably than the men pulled.

(As said, this is an overstatement, but you need the relief of extreme speech if you have just been rereading the worst parts of Markham to check up on whether the book is as bad as you thought.) The first step, then, in my admiration for Jeannette Mirsky is that she has been trying to write a history not for the aggrandizement of a nation or the ennobling of youth but rather to get at and state facts.

Besides making the details o particular achievements more intelligible, this will bring out, as was my intention in the writing, the point that the exploration of the North was not a series of individual efforts but a single and continu- ous story.

It will also be of aid in view of my second aim, which was to use, whenever possible, the explorers' own words.

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This may have resulted in an apparent confusion in nomenclature 5 e.g., Victoria Island is variously referred to as Victoria Land, Wollaston Land, and Prince Albert Land, depending on the date of the exploration and the region touched at 5 the words "Sound" and "Channel" are some- times used interchangeably j and the spelling of proper names varies.

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