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They complained that Home and Away had featured sexualised plotlines unsuitable for children, and Channel Seven was inundated with parental complaints stating that children should not be exposed to same-sex relationships in a family show.

Viewership declined after transmission of the storyline and producers cut scenes to attune to viewers' wishes, which outraged the LGBT community.

The character made her on-screen debut during the episode airing on 6 June 2008.

Charlie was billed as having a "warm heart" and being "family oriented"; however, her actions are often misunderstood and her persona has been perceived as "brash".

Recovery wise, yes absolutely again docs said it was due to my health & fitness before they I’ve recovered so well x Beautiful 90 minute cycle early this morning by my grandma’s - along the River Exe. Love that I can swim, 5 years ago I couldn’t get to end of a pool, a year later I did my first ironman. Justice systems are archaic and so often fail victims 👇… It was nice to see so many kids in the audience absolutely loving the… That’s what has been taken away, not just a ‘football club.’ Surely more to this fiasco than we know. Having a little brew & cake stop on the way back at the village church house.

Then a little run (15 mins) off the bike, test my legs. £3 for a cuppa & cake 🍰 homemade by some lovely older ladies, all proceeds to community.

they said because my heart was strong it could hold on & come back quick. Step up again in my recovery & it will also mark 3 yrs since I was discharged from hospital. if you are in the central London area come along this morning and support. It was brilliant, I remember dancing to Gloria Estefan as a kid. I spoke to a fan at the weekend who had met her friends and network at the club over the years, going to games was her routine, her community.Feeling so much better on the bike now I’ve been getting back into cycling. Charlie Buckton is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Esther Anderson.The revelation ruined the on-screen relationship between Charlie and Ruby, and was never repaired.Charlie has received critical analysis through her storylines and persona and opinion has been mixed.

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