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(Just ask the teammates he’s schooled in his favorite off-hours obsession, Connect Four.) But he’s a genius who repeatedly does dumb things: picking fights with coaches, getting baited into on-court spats and shoving matches, and, in one case last December, unleashing a homophobic rant at a ref.

At the moment, though, having lanked over to a set of bleachers along the facility’s west wall and leaned his elbows up on one of the slats, legs splayed before him on the gleaming wood floor, Rondo, 30, lolls with an almost Zen-like calm.

While talking trash, he apparently told Paul, "I've got a ring, and you're never gonna win one," according to Adrian Wojnarowski, then of Yahoo Sports. Or perhaps Rondo remembers how the Boston Celtics were willing to trade him for CP3 back in 2011.

Or maybe Paul exacted revenge on Rondo at some point Saturday, telling him, "I've signed a bunch of max contracts, and you're never gonna get one."that Rondo's girlfriend shoved Jada Paul, who was sitting next to Savannah James, Le Bron's wife.

This dates back to maybe Rondo's rookie year or second year.The gaggle of journalists has packed it in, too, save for a straggler murmuring questions to one of the athletes.Suddenly, having not so much appeared as materialized, Rajon Rondo is beside me. Still, it was a pretty neat trick, the kind of magician’s stealth, I imagine, that has made the Bulls’ new point guard one of the deftest passers and craftiest thieves in NBA history.I had been forewarned that this interview could go a few different ways—that Rondo, depending on his mood, could be combative, surly, contrarian, thoughtful, generous, or all of the above, all in the space of a few minutes.That made me a bit nervous as I read off to him a list of words that coaches, teammates, and sports pundits have used to describe him: eccentric, mercurial, enigmatic, quirky, odd, unconventional, and, hardest for me to get out, a cancer. It’s a complex face that, like the man himself, is inscrutable: soft and fierce, boyish and hardened.

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