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The two gained mutual interest almost immediately, and began dating.Even though Rob actually turned pro in the same year that Bryiana was born (at his age of 16), the two came together as an ageless perfect match.of July 1991 in Salinas, California USA, Bryiana Noelle Flores is a 26-year-old Caucasian model and entrepreneur, of very mixed Filipino, Chinese, Cherokee, Hispanic and Blackfoot descent. She went through this as well, having told her classmates that she wants to be a model one day, and even though they were persistent with the jokes, she kept chasing her dream.She is perhaps best known for becoming Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Year in the September of 2013, but she has had a few other official recognitions for her appearance, while she also owes part of her fame to the fact that she is the wife of entrepreneur, skateboarder, actor, producer and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek. It is unknown what high school she went to, and whether she ever got into college, however, considering how young she was when she got her first modeling award, it is likely that she discontinued any studies and went in full pursuit of her career. Apparently, her faith was enough to help her beat the disease, possibly even with the placebo effect aside from regular medications. The specific name of the condition she has been kept from the public, but doctors had offered her the possibility of surgery which included bone marrow transplantation, but she explicitly declined this type of treatment.

Her foot size remains to be disclosed by the celebrity herself.

During the performance, Rob organized for the cast to help in his dreamy proposal stunt.

First, he left to use the bathroom and returned on stage to surprise his soon-to-be fiancé in front of the huge audience!

She thus frequently takes the opportunity to post an Instagram picture with an inspiring description for all of her fans, a lot of whom belong to the said organization.

Not long after becoming the Playmate of the Year, Bryiana started attending celebrity events, at one of which Rob Dyrdek was also present.

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