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Now Vinny and Mikey are single, Mikey and Montana broke up. Madison Alamia is dating Victoria Walsh Mikey Fusco is single!Louis Di Pippa is dating Hannah Girone T-Money is dating...Coincidentally, the two of them slept with each other after going to the club- an action that Angelina wouldn't live down, especially since she was leading Jose on.She hardly ever talked and was frequently spotted outside the t-shirt shop watching the cast while they worked.At Bamboo, one of the girls in the club called Snooki fat and this provoked JWoww to fight to defend her girlfriend.They decided to go to Karma the next night and Vinny inadvertently stole the boss' girl, Tonya.But will Vinny be joined by a lady friend for all of this?has reported pretty definitively that Vinny is dating a woman named Elicea Shyann, judging by a couple of photos of the two on Vinny's Instagram account.

Any sort of relationship status is sure to be discussed, especially considering so many members of the cast are now married and have children.While in Italy, Deena was determined to find an Italian man.She found one named Ellis who was a waiter at one of the restaurants that her and Sammi were eating at.NFL: As of the 2008 season, that was George Blanda of the Houston Oilers who threw 42 interceptions in 1962.Second highest is Vinny Testeverde of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who threw 35 interceptions in 1988.

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