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For example, at the same moment, it can be heavily raining in Sarıyer in the north, mildly raining in Levent (northern terminus of metro line), while Taksim, the southern terminus of metro line, is having a perfectly sunny day.You probably need a visa to enter Turkey, which can usually be obtained online.Check if this applies to you, and apply in advance, at tr.

It was the nerve centre for military campaigns that were to enlarge the Ottoman Empire dramatically.

Although rarely below freezing during the day, high relative humidity levels and the wind chill makes it feel bitterly cold and very unpleasant.

Snowfall, which occurs almost annually, is common between the months of December and March, with an annual total snow cover of almost three weeks, but average winter snowfall varies considerably from year to year, and snow cover usually remains only for a few days after each snowfall, even under intense snow conditions.

High relative humidity levels and the ‘concrete-island effect’ only make things worse.

Expect temperatures of up to 35° C for the hottest days of the year.

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