Japanese dating ettiquette

Going back to a guy asking you to go to the mall, just the two of you.

I think if a Japanese girl gets that kind of invitation, she'd take that as a date and make her decision on that mindset. You're in the situation, you kind of look at each other awkwardly for a minute, then someone goes for it.

However, I've found jguys to be gentleman in a different kind of way, mostly by being protective (like gently moving me out of the way when bikes are coming, staring down the creepy old men looking at me, etc.) Also, don't be insulted if there are lots of pauses in conversation, especially if you are speaking English and it's not his native language.

Sometimes people need to pause and collect their thoughts- I know when I'm on a date in Japanese I sometimes need a little time to organize what I want to say in my head!

XD But most of all just have fun- it's really going to depend on what this guy is like.

^_^ I had a Japanese guy friend who tried dating an American girl in the U. For starters, he could never get over the notion of a "casual" relationship. Well, guys can have differen es in style and personality of course. Of course sometimes a guy will want to show off his salary and ability to take care of his girl by insisting to pay all.

Yeah, showing affection on the first date is pretty rare- don't expect him to spontaneously hold your hand.

For eye contact, I haven't noticed too much difference- you look at each other as you talk. A lot of couples in Japan go dutch, I've seen, and it's probably polite to at least offer.

It certainly does not speak for all Japanese people out there. before they do it (or say something like "I really wish I could hold your hand...") and want some kind of okay before they act on their feelings. i hang out with my japanese guy friend, only the two of us. My best friend is another girl and his best friend (besides me) is a guy. I meant some guys will insist to pay to show they are good providers and will make responsible husbands and can afford a wife/children.Not sure if this is typically Japanese, or because they were worried that there would be cultural issues and wanted to be totally sure before trying anything. a friend of mine, a japanese guy told me that its kinda weird to have a girl as a bestfriend. My husband and I are closest to each other but we do like to have a same sex buddy to talk to and go places with somtimes. It's not considered very polite to boast about your salary though... ..usually for couples and for in privacy, not public.And yes, in Japan guys and girls don't really hang out one on one unless it's a date, so an offer to go shopping just the two of you would be a date. hyeelsewhere, its kinda normal for a guy and girl to be bestfriends. I do have a best friend (another girl) and we hug a lot because she is american and very much likes to hug.The other day a jguy asked me out and I thought it would be best to make sure I know all of the differences between American and Japanese dates.Please no comments of "Love is universal, this question is pointless" because it really isn't.

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Once a Japanese friend of mine said Japanese women are stupid and when I asked him why he told me something I found a bit odd...

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