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It took me a few weeks to realize I’d made a colossal mistake.Winona proved to be incapable of intimacy on any level.By most evenings she was tucked into bed with her prescription pain pills, a glass of wine, the remote, and a dog or two.

If I could make a call while facing potential paralysis, surely Dena could send a message about running late. Getting no response, I bought myself a slice of cake and left. “Well,” I said, “there was one woman who showed up over an hour and a half late and wondered why I wasn’t still there waiting for her.” “Is her name Dena? I sat there for three hours at a time, three days a week, feeling devastated.I was relegated to tiptoeing around her and the dogs (who, she reminded me, came first), paying the bills, keeping house, and generally accepting the blame for all that was wrong with our relationship.Hurt and bewildered, I finally realized that, in my obsessive need to be loved, I had let myself be taken advantage of by a classic narcissist. Name Withheld for a semester abroad in Morocco, I prepared myself for a romantic dry spell.I told him he needed to listen to the Dire Straits album to really appreciate it.(CDs were fairly new then.) After dinner he said he’d had a great time and promised to call that weekend. Three years later I got a message on my answering machine: “This is J. Three years was a long time, and I still felt snubbed.

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