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Today, sexual behaviors seem to have taken on many different psychological, social, cultural, even religious meanings.Yet, some sexologists say, at the most basic level, there is only one true reason people seek sex.The review, published online in Sexuality & Culture, shows other most frequently cited reasons for having sex include: Understanding why people seek sex is not always a simple task.Most studies have involved college undergraduates, a "sample of convenience" for university researchers but one that is often very limiting."Instead of men and women being at opposite ends of the sexual spectrum, they are now coming together," she says.

Motivations generally fall into four main categories, according to psychologists at UT-Austin who asked more than 1,500 undergraduate college students about their sexual attitudes and experiences: Generally speaking, men seek sex because they like how it feels.

"Men often start out being body centered," says University of Hartford adjunct psychology professor Janell Carroll. As men reach their 40s, 50s, and 60s, their relationship becomes more important." Richard Carroll has been counseling couples with sexual issues for more than two decades.

"Women actually become more like men over time in that often, early on, sex is about initiating, developing, strengthening, and maintaining relationships, but in a long-term relationship they can actually focus on pleasure." Despite these general observations, research also suggests that there has been a big convergence in sexual attitudes among men and women in recent years.

Many regions and cities all over the world have herpes SOCIAL groups and/or herpes SUPPORT groups for people with genital herpes.

The social groups often use the terms “friends” as in “Bay Area Friends” or “H2O” as in “DC H2O” or “H Club” as in “Atlanta H Club.” The support groups are sometimes named “HELP” support groups, and are sometimes affiliated with ASHA, the American Social Health Association.

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