Libra dating a taurus

An air sign, the Libra woman values over all else her ability to connect emotionally. She is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty: two things she never stops chasing.From being there for her best girlfriends to never canceling on a date, she respects everyone else's time. Instead of taking care of herself, she spends most of her time taking care of the people she loves most.Never one to face a heated argument head-on, Libras shy away from aggressive confrontation.

Seldom playing the role of mediator, she doesn't gravitate toward conflict, but she does know how to settle a score if she finds herself in an argument. Her best friends aren't allowed to fall short of being loyal.

She moves to anything with a beat and regardless of her vocals, she’ll sing her heart out, primarily during car drives, when getting ready in the bathroom, and during showers. She’ll make your mood flip a 180 with her high-energy, eclectic, and comedic persona.

Not to say Taurus women don’t have their moments, because they But her joyous and cheerful personality will undoubtedly outweigh her moody and bratty moments.

She'll be more concerned with how much thought you put into it.

She always puts the needs of others before her own.

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