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Philosophical and rather mystical in the same way that the novels of Paulo Coelho are, this novel seeks to teach a bit, I think.

After all, the constantly repeated leitmotif is "What have you learned? You're going to ask me what I've learned.""Well, what have you?

Goldstein had not been on in her 18 months of online dating: a sunset ferry ride on the East River and a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park.“Every first date was an invite for drinks,” she said. When one of the elephant guides called out a command, Mr. Goldstein, who slowly reached out to take it while Mr.

Unfortunately the execution left much to be desired and I soon found myself struggling through the narrative for little more than the personal satisfaction of reaching the final page. John and Molly's fast friendship didn't hold water, but to add insult to injury, the couple were so one dimensional that I couldn't bring myself to care about either them or their plight.Lisa Patrice Goldstein and Peter Andrew Nosal were married April 20 at the Providence Public Library in Providence, R. Sister Margaret Dempsey, a Roman Catholic nun and the bride's great-aunt, became a Universal Life minister to officiate at the event.The bride, who is 32 and taking her husband’s name, is an associate specializing in investment funds at Proskauer Rose, a law firm in Manhattan.Goldstein's supporting cast is similarly underdeveloped, with many possessed of purpose so insignificant that I often wondered at their being included at all.The irregular timeline complicated matters as individuals could appear or disappear without introduction or farewell which is something I personally found both irritating and awkward.

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