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By the time a male suddenly grows taller and his voice changes, it is very likely he's masturbating regularly.

By the time he grows facial hair, it's practically certain.

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It is hard to find others who understand our needs, and will not judge or criticize our choices. The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is a free non-commercial community service by and for chronic masturbators like you.

On the Hotline you can talk confidentially and openly (and ) about living with chronic masturbation addiction.

No one has ever lost their virginity by masturbating.

The only way you can lose your virginity is by having sexual intercourse with another person.

The service is open to masturbators of all genders and sexual orientations.

Males have many sexual organs that need to be emptied regularly: the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, Cowper's gland.

Masturbating cannot cause you to run out of sperm, semen, or other sexual fluids.

Persons attempting to recover from masturbation addiction should seek professional guidance.

ESPECIALLY FOR CHRONIC #MASTURBATORS: The Onania Masturbatorium on Discord is a safe and friendly place for chronic masturbators like you. HKj6b Nk Mv#Masturbation Support Hotline Next Session: Sunday 11 August 10am-2pm central (1500-1900 GMT/UTC) Phone 1-281-241-9265 | Skype: "richardlovel" Discord HKj6b Info: O8q Q0KHUs For #chronic #masturbators like you.

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If a man is trying to conceive, he has a better chance if he's masturbated within a few days than if he hasn't.

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