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I would not have survived this last year without you.

The beef started as soon as Joy brought up the good things he did and compared them to the current president’s policies.“Meghan loves a conversation piece, mixing the bright, shiny and new with rustic things like cowhide rugs, taxidermy and cactus from the desert and symbols of spirituality, like Buddha figures and talismans.”Always ready with a sound bite, Mc Cain describes her design style as “Scarface meets Graceland.” She adds that, as a well-known Republican, “people expect me to live in a picture-perfect Pottery Barn kind of place, but I don’t like anything traditional.I make my living talking about serious subject matter, but I’m a weirdo.I love a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, and I want my place to be where the after-after-party can happen.” A glance around the apartment confirms her nontraditional tastes: A mounted deer head she named George Jones hangs on a wall next to the refrigerator, a glass skull adorns a living room side table and a pair of gleaming glass-and-metal étagères hold these books: “Chicks With Guns,” “Universal Studios Monsters” and Dita Von Teese’s two-in-one monograph on the art of burlesque and fetish.Mixed in among framed photos of family and friends are an autographed picture of Dolly Parton — “my spirit animal,” Mc Cain says — a black velvet painting of Marilyn Monroe depicted as a gangster zombie and a signed thank-you note from Howard Stern.

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