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(They were disappointed to learn the site was a joke.)I earned a headline in Sweden, and in the story Astrid Lindgren lamented being misunderstood (ha! The hate mail (and some fan mail) from Sweden was precious. Here's a later snapshot with the Swedemail section (complete with Barnes & Noble affiliate ads! It contained a photo of Bert photoshopped with Osama Bin Laden which actually appeared on a sign at a pro-Bin Laden rally in Bangladesh.

I later added a section on the site called "Swedemail." You'd think that would tip people off, but nope. The sign holder simply printed out a picture they found on the web, unaware of who the character was or that the photo was a parody. After this photo was released on the news wires, the owners of Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop, raised the possibility of pursuing legal action against Ignacio.

This was a small independent ISP with maybe 3-4 sysadmins/network operations people.

Not doing at least that much seems pretty rinky-dink to me. I enjoyed my fifteen minutes of fame via e/n, though the attention ultimately resulted in the demise of my site.

Easily 9.9 out of 10 people won't get sardonicism.

It would be cool if someone could produce an accurate timeline of all the AOL, Geocities, etc. So I didn't realize Poe's law was referenced.In response, he took down the "Bert is Evil" section of his website,[10]:736 also stating that he did not want to undermine the character in the eyes of children who watched Sesame Street."I am doing this because I feel this has gotten too close to reality", he said.[11] Since the original Bert/Osama picture had been posted to Dennis Pozniak's mirror, he too was bombarded by the international media seeking interviews.The other cool thing was connecting with other e/n site owners who were also doing their thing.Sometimes you'd collaborate or ping each other's APIs, other times participate in their own experiments.

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