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If your ex made you hesitant about your personality or put you down, Bumble puts the power in your court to keep the chit-chat going.Because you only have 24 hours to send a message, you are forced to step out into the unknown and see what’s out there, instead of being fearful of it. Being in one of those relationships where you never know if you’re together or not is frustrating, infuriating and at times, demoralizing.This is why dating apps can be a more laid-back, hands-off—but thumbs on!

“Then if there’s a match, you can actually send songs to each other.

For women who want take dating at their own pace and on their own terms, Bizzoco recommends Bumble.

“Women are the ones who make the first move, so that can give them a sense of control over the situation, especially if they are newly single and don’t want anything moving too quickly,” she explains.

erhaps you were in one of those just-fine-but-not-quite-right relationships for a year too many—and you finally cut the cord.

Or, unexpectedly, the person you were crazy about decided they weren’t so mad over you.

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