Mother and daughter dating site

i dont like lies and dont like cheats or people who believe there are better and special than others.. I love meeting new people and developing new frie... My time is limited but I do have time for the right person. Im interested in learning more about my background.

i am a single dad and i have learnt alot from being a single dad, it aint the best coz my daughter needs motherly love again and i need a woman affection in my life too.

Neither of them have ever expressed any difficulty in dealing with it, but there's still basic guidelines I follow.

It's stuff that's pretty much common sense; don't really talk about what we do in bed with the other, stuff like that. First off, it takes more time, energy, etc (money), than just dating a single woman.

They both pretty much worked it out between them beforehand, but the daughter is the one who talked to me about it, as I was dating her already.

Obviously everyone kind of knew I was interested in the mother as well.

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