New year dating tips

Below are 6 quick tips from the pros at Tinder: Don’t leave your bio blank: You look great, but hey, your potential partner also wants to know a little bit about your personality before they swipe.A short and unique bio will help to capture their attention. Your bio could be that window which allows you to tell someone what you are looking for.

This will help to give your matches a peek into your life, and keep your profile fresh.” said Mumbai based clinical psychologist Sonali Gupta.Smile: No matter how cool you think that pout makes you look, trust us, it's not making your profile look any better.And even better news: Conversations initiated by women are more likely to lead to dates.3. Gandhi recommends five or six photos—including head shots and full-body shots—that haven't been retouched, so they give a realistic idea of what you look like.It also helps to show yourself doing fun activities that express your personality.

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Smiling is proven to increase your right swipes by 14 per cent. They have the potential to reduce your right swipes by 12 per cent.

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