Niall horan and harry styles dating

At bootcamp, Harry sang "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" before being eliminated as a solo artist then placed into One Direction.After placing third in the competition, One Direction signed a recording contract with Simon Cowell's Sony Music subsidiary label, Syco Music.

"I saw them together and we had a really nice dinner.Besides, these two have been linked since November of 2014 when they enjoyed a date in West Hollywood.For now, Kendall is headed to New York for Fashion Week and we have no doubt Directioners will do their part in keeping tabs on Harry. Sure, they love the music and can fill up an arena quicker than you can name all five—now four—members. Zayn Malik Status: Dating Gigi Hadid Although he bid farewell to the group, a part of Zayn will always be a part of One Direction.But they also enjoy keeping up with their romantic lives. Over the Labor Day weekend, fans were surprised to learn Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were hanging out again. As a result, it's only fitting that we check in on his love life.

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