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His comments are indeed harmful, but Humphries portraying a female character is completely separate from matters of transgender identification.Recently Hollywood star Scarlett Johannson withdrew from a film in which she was to play a trans man due to backlash against the role not being given to a transgender actor.Many transgender people love drag and some perform it regularly.Taking on a drag persona can also be a stage in a transgender person’s gender transition.Like cisgender people (people who do identify with the gender they were assigned at birth), transgender people can be straight, gay or bisexual.Some transgender people choose to undergo surgery and/or hormone therapy, and some do not.

This show has infiltrated popular culture and raised drag’s public profile.Transgender celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner have helped bring the subject of transgender into everyday discussions.Nevertheless, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what being transgender means and how it relates to drag.The term drag is also used to describe straight men donning women’s clothing for the sake of comedy.Barry Humphries undertakes this form of drag when playing Dame Edna.

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