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Lena has made news instead for revelations around her personal life, with it emerging that the actress once dated a fellow cast member, something that is reported not to have ended well.

So cersie and bronn were dating in real life and then break up And cersei ask that she don't want to do any scene with him again.

In fact, according to , Lena asked producers early on to ensure that the two actors would never have to film scenes together.

It was even reported that the writers had to craft the storylines so that the two actors would never have to appear in a scene together.

In his first film made without the patronage of Harvey Weinstein, Tarantino’s producers were longtime lieutenant Shannon Mc Intosh and David Heyman.

He’d wanted to work with the “Harry Potter” producer on “The Hateful Eight,” but he wasn’t available.

“We read the script and loved it and we have a big team of QT admirers many of whom had worked on ‘Django’ and all of whom were jazzed,” wrote Rothman in an email. We had to dress it like the era — four blocks the first time, two the second time.” While Pitt loved zooming down Cielo Drive in a battered Kharmann Ghia, the actor faced endless retakes with Brandy the pit bull.

“He had reached a place where he wanted to have a different experience,” said Heyman.

In fact, the whole way through season eight, viewers have been divided in their opinions, proving controversial in terms of the plot and blunders (ahem Samwell Tarley’s water bottle).

actor who made the most noise this week however was Lena Headey, but not for her character Cersei.

“He wanted someone who wasn’t part of his inner circle.” After a round of pitch meetings in November 2017, Sony’s Tom Rothman won the then-untitled Manson Family Project.

All studios offered Tarantino final cut and eventual copyright ownership (after 30 years), but in Rothman Tarantino saw a fellow theatrical believer — the man who made “Moulin Rouge” and “Master and Commander” who would understand how to take over Sunset billboards with period ads.

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