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Women are not the only one's looking for their soul mate, "the One" is a guy's goal too. Use shampoo that he loves so your natural scent makes him melt of love. It's so much easier to love your girlfriend if she's beautiful and gives her best to stay beautiful for you. We get each other for granted, get lazy, fat, dumb. Loving him is the first step to being a great girlfriend, he needs to know and feel that you really love him, that there's a deeper connection – that he isn't just a rebound or just some guy you're with because you're afraid of being alone. You don't flirt around with other guys if you love your boyfriend.Apply the 22 tips below so your guy will never ever think of cheating or breaking up, because you'll be the perfect girlfriend for him. Let him know that he is The Guy for you and that you need nothing other than him. You develop trust in him by showing that you are only interested in him, he also won't have a reason to be jealous all the time if you're getting a lot attention.Many of these things he wants are listed below, so learning how to be a perfect girlfriend – that he'll want to flaunt and watch like a hawk – has never been easier. This girl doesn't need to have a brain, any guy would dump you for her at the drop of a hat. There's nothing like smelling amazing for your guy. And the best way to have him trust you is by not mistrusting him either.(Disclaimer: If you're not interested in being perfect for him – then why did you even click on this article? You don't have to look like a supermodel – not at all, just look the best you can, use body lotion, have soft, silky smooth skin that he wants to kiss around the clock. A scent of a woman can make a man fall deeply in love; your smell gets engraved deeply in his mind. There's nothing worse than a girlfriend that doesn't like your friends – and openly complains about them.

The reason you should strive for “perfection” (it doesn't exist, really, but still) is so that you'll naturally attract a top-quality guy, and then keeping him will require much less effort.) Think of this “little” guide as your relationship's insurance policy (and it's FREE). A perfect girlfriend always gives her best to look beautiful for her man. You can hate him for wanting this, but that's a reality. You'll naturally be more confident and attractive when you feel good in your own skin. You can give him a friendly suggestion if you think some of his friends aren't good for him, but don't be aggressive about it. You are his girlfriend, not his mother, and if you continue complaining about his friends, you might just become an annoying ex.Because you don't want to get depended on anyone, not too much at least. It's a psychological burden for both of you, in a way.You need to have something you are passionate about.If not for him, for yourself, otherwise you'll just eat processed junk all the time and or waste money on overpriced restaurants (you don't want to see their kitchen! So, if you want to be the perfect girlfriend, get back to the kitchen, and stop wearing pants and flats. Do what other women will not, or do rarely, then do it more often. The more you make him “work” for you the more he'll rationalize to himself his love for you. A perfect girlfriend is “perfect” because she helps her guy achieve more, grow further, and fulfill his full potential. You have the power to motivate him and help him grow as a person. That's why you should have a life outside of your relationship.High heels and skirts, and then back to the kitchen, woman! The deeper he digs, the harder it is for him to “climb out” of your relationship. You need to be busy with your life, progressing, growing as a person, growing in your career, networking and meeting new people, maintaining friendships and creating new one's.

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Being perfect isn't easy, but it's totally achievable if you know what your guy really wants. As far as men are concerned, you're not “normal” 75% of a month. When you nag and complain, all men hear is “yada, yada, yada…” – it's counterproductive. say “honey…” (or some other cute name…) at the beginning of a request and “please” at the end. phrase your complaint as a question, not a statement. it's OK this time (again), but would you come on time next time, please? Talk to him like an child that's relatively stupid. Especially if he expects you to complain – he'll be shocked that you didn't scream at him, and feel a lot worse, than if you've gotten into an argument. If you attack him directly, he'll feel offended and he'll try to rationalize his behavior and you'll just get into a fight. She really loves him and will do anything to keep him happy and satisfied. Cuddle, hug, kiss, smooch, make love and say “I love you” whenever you have chance. Do good things and make other people happy – this will give you more “life credit” and it will make you feel better about yourself. There's only one thing you should be sucking out of him (pun intended).

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