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-Signs of Love- Come to think of it, there is a boy looking for stickers that are popular among children... Who'd know rare kid's stickers better than a rare kid? He's a lot better in the game's first week and near the end, but otherwise it feels like there's a disconnect between Yosuke in his Social Link and Yosuke outside of it. -Specialist- Your brains aren't smart enough to retain this just by listening. I see that you did pick up on something I was saying while sitting there with that stupid look on your face. But then everyone gathers around and it turns into a big fuss, so I don't really like doing it. You saw Yukiko off to the bus stop and then went home. -Your Affection- Lonely boy: I showed it to them, but they said a grown-up sticker didn't count.

-Tanaka's Amazing Commodities- -Sky Full of Stars- I'm on my way back from an errand. The only thing a real man needs is a burning red body handed down from his parents! It ain't like I'm gonna use classic lit and quadratic equations in the textile shop. I usually cut down on the time I spend helping out at the inn before exams... Especially "Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed." That's incredibly important! I doubt you have many deep thoughts going on in your daily life. Make sure you write all this down for later review! "Man is but a reed, but he is a thinking reed" came from the mind of Blaise Pascal. All right, so if man is a thinking reed, do you know what an un-thinking reed is?

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-Sky Full of Stars- I've been really busy lately, though. He found out about me hanging out in Junes, so I'll have to work seriously for a while... There's going to be a fair commemorating the anniversary of my school's founding.

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