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To order the Trial Version on CD-ROM email a request with your address to the concerned company. But unfortunately Im having trouble downloading the Demo, what can I do? thx I have used a post it (sticky) program for years called To Do. thx I m Alarm/Reminder Software Finding a man who has to deal with a type of mental disability called Aspergers every day Part of my disability is that especially when using computer I tend to really sink into what I m doing and lose track of Finding Alarm/Reminder Software time This gets in the Finding Alarm/Reminder Software way of doings things I need to do such as various daily household stuff and getting out to do things like the gym and karate I would really appreciate help finding a good alarm reminder program that could help me with these things I want to find a preferably freeware reminder program that can be programmed to alarm anywhere between hourly daily weekly monthly and yearly It must run in the background have an unlimited number of alarms alarm even when i m playing a game fullscreen my last one didn t Play sounds I choose it s ok if it s just one or two types of audio files or have an independently adjustable volume for each alarm I would prefer to be able to figure out how to do all these things within hours of study I understand this is asking a lot but I d really appreciate any help you give me If you don t know of any free ones or don t know of any that fit all my specifications I don t mind if you still mention the ones you know of Thank you for spending your time reading this nbsp Hi Guys!!

Source @ Appointment Scheduling Software https://forums.techguy.org/threads/appointment-scheduling-software.986048/ Very shortly Im going to buy appointment scheduling software, I was trying to see free demo of diff. Looking for free software that will be in my system tray and be a reminder for me at a certain time that will send me a popup message and play a sound at that time until I close it off. It's no longer available, but there are a number of them available free here. tg=dl-2001&qt=post it&tag=srch Raybro https://forums.techguy.org/threads/reminder-software.467442/ Looking for free software that will be in my system tray and be a reminder for me at a certain time that will send me a popup message and play a sound at that time until I close it off. I need a software that can pop-up or ring an alarm or something to remind me of birthdays/anniversaries or other events I feed into it. Garps said: That reminds by message boxes or alarm sound... Click to expand... Up1001/Page/Intelligent Wake Up1001= " "Turn On your system automatically by this power manager utility.

The problem is that the default setting for appointments is for a reminder to pop up which I don't like. i would appreciate any help..thankssd I may be way off-base here, but I use the Palm Desktop software that came with my pda.

I can certainly open the appointment and change it to no reminder, but this defeats the efficiency of a quick typing on to the calendar. That gives me the ability to hotlink what I have on pda and pda to desktop (or laptop).

A download accelerator such as DAP from CNet can also help by speeding up the download process, automatically resuming failed downloads and starting the download automatically at any scheduled time.

= Remind Me Please = Timer (1.6mb)Countdown alarms [NEW] = you use Fire Fox, Foxy Tunes is an alarmclock Can anyone recommend simple but effective "task reminder" (to do list) software.

Is there a way to change the default reminder to "none? With it you can do repeats (setting them up into the future), etc.

" https://forums.techguy.org/threads/outlook-2007-appointment-reminder-change-defualt.703710/ Does anyone know of any appointment scheduling software to meet our needs I work for nonprofit providing services for children I am currently juggling the schedules for psychologists who provide counseling speech pathologists academic clinicians who do educational testing and tutors I use a Scheduling Appointment Software Microsoft Access database to enter the information about each child We use Quick Books for billing Our server is Microsoft Server Exchange I have tried Outlook but it just doesn t do what we need it to do I am looking for an appointment scheduling program that will allow for episodic or Appointment Scheduling Software one-time appointments as well as on-going appointments that may or may not occur at regular intervals or at the same time or day I would like each of our therapists or clinicians to schedule or make changes to their own ongoing appointments Our insurance coordinator works out of her home so I would also like her to be able to access it remotely to add notes I don t know if our intranet which is currently unused would be useful to provide access to this program I haven t had time to really look at it so I don t know much Appointment Scheduling Software about it As previously mentioned we use Quick Books so we don t need any billing features If it would integrate with Access and or Access that would be great Since we do provide mental heath services it would need to be HIPAA compliant Of course being a nonprofit means cost is an issue Thanks for any suggestions nbsp im looking for some free ware... Basically an electronic "Day Timer" and a whole lot more.

many days in advance do you wish to be notified - Event Dates where you can use the quot Actual Date quot for every event such as Feb the th of every month the last day in September - Day of Week Every Thursday the th Wednesday in April the nd Friday of each month - Projected days from today I am not sure but I use this fantastic free reminder for quite a long time maybe for the last years It is small simple not sophisticated but it works It put it to start with Windows and its window is the one that I look first every morning Now that I upgraded to Win bits from Win bits it doesn t work anymore Are there good replacements for this fabulous reminder software that runs in bits environment Any help will be welcome Cheers Flores P S The other softwares by PC-Magic shown in blue above where not added by me You could look on Alternative To Or you might see something you like here: Best Free Reminder and To-Do Program It looks like a 16 bit program. I have tried double clicking a day on the calendar and clicking the New button on the toolbar. I can get a New of anything else: mail message, note, contact, etc. This will not effect other burning programs and should stop the message https://forums.techguy.org/threads/solved-how-do-i-get-rid-of-reminder-balloon.503171/ Does anyone know of a reminder program that will allow me to set remind dates at least a year into the future and still work if my computer is shut down?

I have checked disabled items in the Help menu as well, nothing is disabled. I have an appointment that keeps reoccurring every 2 hours, and it tells me that I have an appointment at 4PM on December 31st, NINETEEN SEVENTY NINE!!! I have tried everything I can think of to make this go away, but it won't let me delete it. Jan Hi I would like to be able to allow the user to double-click on Next Appt Date field on my db which would then open a new Outlook appointment with the following information transerred across Subject Client ID Forenames Surname Start date Next Appt Date Start time Next App Time End date Next Appt Date End time Outlook Access to Solved: link Appointment Next Appt Time hour Reminder minutes I am partially there and have succeeded in getting a new Outlook Appointment to open on double-click with the following Private Sub Next Appt Date Dbl Click Solved: Access link to Outlook Appointment Cancel As Integer On Error Go To Start Error Dim obj Outlook As Object Dim obj Item As Object Create a Microsoft Outlook object Set obj Outlook Create Object quot Outlook Application quot Create and open a new contact form for input Set obj Item obj Outlook Create Item ol Appointment Item obj Item Display Quit Microsoft Solved: Access link to Outlook Appointment Outlook Set obj Outlook Nothing Exit Sub Start Error Msg Box quot Error quot amp Err amp quot quot amp Error Exit Sub End Sub Does anyone know how I amend the above to include the information that I described earlier Many thanks nbsp Hi All I have been trying to find an answer for the below code to no avail I can add a new appointment for the code but when I want to update the appointment with further information I get the error message that object with block variable not set File is also attached Can anyone assist Thanks Sub Add To Outlook Dim OL As Outlook Application Dim ol Appt As Outlook Appointment Item Dim NS As Outlook Namespace Dim col Items As Outlook Items Dim ol Appt Search As Outlook Appointment Item Dim r As Long s Subject As String s Body As String Dim d Start Time As Date d Duration As Double Dim s Search As String b OLOpen As Boolean Dim s Busy Status s Location As String Dim b Reminderset As Boolean Dim l Reminder Minutes Before Start As Long Dim d Ctrl d Curr As Date On Error Resume Next Set Outlook Appointment Amend Excel VBA Solved: OL Get Object quot Outlook Application quot b OLOpen Solved: Excel VBA Amend Outlook Appointment True If OL Is Nothing Then Set OL Create Object quot Outlook Application quot b OLOpen False End If Set NS OL Get Namespace quot MAPI quot Set col Items NS Get Default Folder ol Folder Calendar Items On Error Go To Err Trap Solved: Excel VBA Amend Outlook Appointment r Do Until Cells r Value r If Len Cells r Value Then Go To Next Row Avoids inserting blank lines into body of appointment d Curr Cells r Value s Subject Cells r Value amp quot quot amp Cells r Value s Body Cells r Value d Start Time Cells r Value Time Value quot quot d Duration Cells r Value s Location Cells r Value If Busy Status is not specified default to Busy If Trim Cells r Value quot quot Then s Busy Status Else s Busy Status Cells r Value End If If Cells r Value gt Then b Reminderset True l Reminder Minutes Before Start Cells r Value Else b Reminderset False End If s Search quot Subject quot amp s Quote s Subject s Search quot Mileage quot amp s Quote d Curr Set ol Appt Search col Items Find s Search If ol Appt Search Is Nothing Then if not found create new appointment Set ol Appt OL Create Item ol Appointment Item With ol Appt Body s Body Subject s Subject Importance ol Importance High Start d Start Time Duration d Duration Mileage d Curr Close ol Save End With Else If found add details to body With ol Appt Body ol Appt Body amp vb Cr Lf amp s Body Close ol Save End With End If Next Row r r Loop Err Trap If Err Number lt gt Then Msg Box Err Number amp quot - quot amp Err Description End If If b OLOpen False Then OL Quit End Sub Function s Quote s Text To Quote s Quote Chr amp s Text To Quote amp Chr End Function nbsp Hi rooboy18, welcometo the forum I imagine it's either Execl 2007 or 2010 (my hunch is 2010)I can't test it right now but have to tried going thought your macro step by step? Sounds like maybe you have a different time zone option set than they do. Free would be better but I'd pay for it if necessary as long as I get a trial version first. I can't get my reminder to show items on the calendar or scheduled items. I have followed the help menu, clicking on options and on reminder and billminder to show at start-up, but no reminders appear either at start-up or when I go to the reminders window.

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