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They probably just go dating with their better half, or just sleep in, like me. And then lament about wasting time when the sky turns dark but STILL can't wake up early come the next public holiday/weekend. でも、何もやることはないもん。それに、睡眠補足のため。そう、言い訳が多いです。Ooh, I just checked up the word "Equinox".

is it some day to celebrate the 1st official day of Spring?? So yea, they do not go to beach on 海の日, nor go on hiking trips on 緑の日, and definitely do not hit the gym just cos it is 体育の日. Woke up way past noon and dillied dallied the day away.

Perhaps that one was read less frequently than this--perhaps the style of writing between the two was different enough that people preferred the more humourous and relaxed tone of Wayward, or the essay format vs. Maybe they just liked the format here better than the spartan look of Barque (though that has completely changed to a much more comforting and liturgical scheme, if you hadn't already seen it).

Whatever the reason, I would hope that you might stop in over there from time to time anyway.

I'm planning to reproduce certain articles from here on that site, such as the Passion of the Christ and Da Vinci Code series, as well as others.

I also plan to write more Wayward-style articles at Barque, instead of the once-typical output there.

In Japan, other than New Year's Day, it seems like every other public holiday is just a day where you don't have to go to work.

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