Re entering the dating world

If thinking about them still makes you feel overwhelmed or desperate, you might need more time before you try dating again. Concrete signs of this could include: If you’re still struggling with some of these aspects of everyday life in the wake of your loss, you might need more time before introducing yourself back into a life of dating.If you’re unsure where you’re at in the process, it might be a good idea to check in with those who know you best.To say that the death of a spouse of is life-changing in the worst of ways is probably a pretty big understatement.And at the time you experienced the loss, it’s likely that the thought of eventually re-entering the dating world seemed like an impossibility, or at best some distant vague possibility.

Are you able to think about your departed loved one without feeling deep anguish?

Ask God for light and understanding in your discerning process.

He wants you to be happy and wants you to bring your difficulties to Him.

That might mean starting to make decisions for the future and beginning the process of “moving on.” And finally, at long last, one typically gets to a place where they have an enduring connection with their departed loved one, but also have room emotionally to let others in.

While there is no hard and fast time line for how long it takes to get to this final stage, I’ve heard it said that it often occurs somewhere in the second year after the loss occurs.

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