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You could face difficulties acquiring loans or other financial assistance, whether it is for purchasing a home or seeking higher education.There is a lot to consider, thus, it is important to retain an experienced, resourceful assault defense attorney in Austin, Texas, who can develop a comprehensive defense strategy in your favor.Section 72.087(c) of the Texas Government Code requires the judge or clerk of a court to submit to the Office of Court Administration a written record containing the contents of the trial court's charge to the jury and the sentence issued in each case of cases involving the trial of a capital offense. Were you charged with assault or domestic violence in Austin?Thousands of men and women are accused of domestic violence crimes each year.

It can, however, be classified as either a third- or second-degree felony if you have a criminal history of domestic violence and/or the assault involved the act of choking.

Penalties for a conviction of either of these charges are serious and will have a deep impact on your life.

You may also have to pay restitution to the victim as well.

The penalties for a conviction of assault, whether simple or aggravated, are serious in Texas.

The penalties you face are determined by the class or degree of assault you have been charged with.

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Unfortunately, the abuse does not confine its devastating effects to the women alone. The emotional trauma they suffer may manifest itself in terms of low self-esteem, depression, withdrawal and isolation, anger and acting-out behaviors.

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