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Really, of the people that are there at GH now, Jackie is the only one I have worked with before. I met Kelly Monaco (Sam) in the make-up room before, but we had never had any scenes together. RYAN: Oh, definitely, because again, they share a lot in common. this man who on the surface at least seems to be a pretty suspect human being, who has hurt a lot of people, but nonetheless they are flesh and blood.

Any time they have an experience like that, it’s nice to have somebody to connect with, and bond with over that. I have not taken up residency at Is there a throughline into why you have taken on those parts? Look, I love to be challenged in life, and as an actor. I have been very blessed and fortunate to play a wide variety of characters, and they have all been very different in a lot of ways.

” MICHAEL: This week Lucas visits the gravesite of the only father he only knew, Tony Jones.

What can you preview goes down once Lucas is there?

Now in 2014, Lucas is back on the canvas with a whole new set of circumstances and quite grown up!

chatted with Ryan to get this thoughts on: reprising his role of Lucas almost a decade later, what could lie ahead in Lucas’ romantic life if Brad (Parry Shen) and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) are involved in it, and the opportunity he has to be able to hopefully change some people’s perception of someone from the LGBT community through his role on GH. One thing is for certain, Ryan Carnes is set to become another very popular cast addition to the ABC soap opera, and is more than up for the challenge through the important role of Lucas on the Port Charles canvas. I was shocked and I went, “Wow, this is cool.” It was definitely a big surprise. I’ll take your word for it.” And of course, there was no guarantee that they wanted me to play the role.

Plus, Ryan previews this week’s key scenes where Julian finally learns that the son that he never knew is gay! I had no direct knowledge that the character was coming back. Then casting emailed my agent and asked if I was interested, and then we were all very excited. I think GH executive producer Frank Valentini had watched a reel of some of my past work.

RYAN: I think Julian is making an attempt, albeit feeble, to get to know his son, and so he is questioning Lucas about certain aspects of his life.

I find Lucas to be very comfortable with his sexuality.

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