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“Life of Ryan” is an unexpected pleasure in the world of lame-ass reality shows.

Special Features: There’s not much going on here for those whose interest in Sheckler is limited solely to the series, but skate rats will probably enjoy the three skating videos – “Kamikazes,” “Peace with Nothing,” and “Call It Off” – which have been included.

Unfortunately, that’s the sole extent of the bonus material, and even that only adds up to just under seven minutes of footage.

All this guy does is complain about how bad his life is and how no girls will date him,well for those of you who have not been the dew action tour let me clue you in,every girl at these events is in love with him and wait at his hotel for him,now I'm sure 95% of these girls are not dating material but for him to say he cant find a girl couldn't be further from the truth.

Hes buying a house at 18 that most of us could never afford,he has a range rover and several other cars,but yet he still finds stuff to complain about,now i know money doesn't buy happiness but it sure helps,bottom line is this show either portrays Ryan in a bad light through editing or this guy is what we see on TV an ungrateful spoiled brat,p.show has already jumped the shark.

TV’s viewership generally tends to be less than discerning when it comes to their tastes in reality programming, preferring the sensational to the subtle, so it’s rather startling to find that “Life of Ryan,” the series which follows the life and times of professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, is more easily described by the latter adjective.

The show offers an unexpectedly sentimental look at the life of a teenager who, despite having a lifestyle that’s far from average, manages to come across as someone who you wouldn’t mind your kid hanging out with.

etnies invited both Sheckler and his brother Shane to the company's California headquarters, where he was given his first pair of etnies shoes; however, his official relationship with the brand ended in 1998.

As “Life of Ryan” kicks off, he’s rolling in dough, but his biggest issues are trying to find the time to spend with his friends and family in between all of his career responsibilities: practicing, attending competitions, participating in photo shoots, and so forth.

Yeah, yeah, sounds like a really rough life, right? There are episodes where he has to deal with the fact that, although he’s in a position where he can have the time of his life, he’s got to keep things under control and be a mature adult, or the whole house of cards could come tumbling down on him.

and Lutzka, and Sheckler." After appearing in Almost: Round Three, Sheckler resigned from the company to join the relaunched Plan B Skateboards deck and apparel company in 2007—at that time, the team consisted of Brian Wenning, Pat Duffy, Ryan Gallant, PJ Ladd, Paul Rodriguez, Colin Mc Kay, and Danny Way.

Sheckler's MTV reality series, Life Of Ryan, premiered in August 2007.

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The key storyline to Season Two is the relationship between Ryan and his girlfriend, Kayla, and to be fair, the oldsters in the audience will probably find themselves laughing aloud at his indecision.

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