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Their voices certainly couldn’t be more diametrically opposite! (Even though he was one of the stars of the show, doesn’t seem to realize that!) He, David Soul, Cybill Shepherd, Edward Albert and others starred in the Texas-set series.) This movie has some of the most amusing 70s costumes, too, on Milland’s family and guests, so is also worth checking out for that.Elliott worked with Vera Miles in the low-budget western movie Molly and Lawless John that same year.Today Sam Elliott is about as grizzled and as masculine a man as one could hope to find, a rough-hewn, longhaired guy for whom a term such as “manscaping” couldn’t be more foreign.His low, growl of a voice is put to use in countless voiceovers and commercials, notably for the American Beef Council (“Beef.

I don’t usually post nudity here in The Underworld, but, please, museums have worse than this.Oddly, everything conceivable other than frogs, from snakes to spiders to igunasa to turtles, do all the harm until the end of the movie.Speaking of snakes, the already hunkalicious Elliott wears a pair of jeans in the film that ought to be mounted in some sort of shrine to the magic of denim.He played a bad guy who seduces his jailer’s wife in order to get free.This, along with appearances on series such as , which depicted the life of a soldier from WWI through WWII.

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Parker Stevenson costars as a newbie and Anne Archer and a very young Kathleen Quinlan provide the love interest.

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