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This may be done because of fantasy that a real life relationship does not fill.Whatever the reason, it is up to the person on Second Life to talk to his or her real-life mate.Now here is where I’m going to get controversial (bring on your contrarian views, my lovelies…all opinions are welcome here).In my [disclaimer: non professional] opinion it is because we have an unrealistic and outdated view of what long term relationships should bring us.

This is kept secret by some of the people who play intimately on SL but is not kept from the real life mate all the time.polyamory divorce For those who have followed my blog for awhile, this may seem like review as I’ve written about this issue before in different context.But I was so struck by today’s search terms that I felt it warranted another look.It is something the person needs to choose to do but may hide the fact that what they are doing may be wrong.This may be done because of a lack of intimacy in his or her real life.

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See if you notice a pattern: wife swapping the boredom of long life marriages are you in love with your second life avatar?

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  1. “If you primarily use your Facebook profile to stay in touch with friends and family, you can post a “humble brag,” letting everyone know the good news,” says Augustine.