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I hope others join me in expressing their frustrations and opinions to Google and Apple!

Hi Katerina, Thanks for your review, we really appreciate any feedback that helps us to improve for our users.

With my card details saved from a previous purchase, I *apparently* clicked on the default option of Lifetime Membership instead of Back.

One wrong click and I'm billed £120 instantly! The free service is worthless to your average guy anyway.

If you want to remove the ads, you can either subscribe to Badoo Premium, that will give you access to features that other users don’t have access to or Credits that will increase your visibility and popularity.

We're also doing a lot to tackle Fake profiles online which is why we introduced photo verification. I don't know what purpose that serves other than to try and cripple the confidence of whose photo it is.

Users that have proved their real by verifying with a photo will have a white tick with a blue background on their profile. I'm thick-skinned so it didn't bother me.

However, if you happen to encounter an account you think might not be genuine, you'll always have the option to report it ot our team using ' Block or Report' button on their profile. But I had this vision of women low rating guys just to make the guys feel hurt.

Please be assured that it's not possible to hold multiple active subscriptions on the same active Badoo account.If you would still like for us to look into this further or cancel your subscription on your behalf.Please feel free to reach out to our team at, or fund the @Badoo Help team on Facebook or Twitter.Their own terms and conditions outline a full refund is offered, yet Customer Service are trying to squirm out of refunding me with a nonsensical argument. Badoo select all lady have charmed and block them to the men want contact , push them to buy their product, Badoo use private life of member , this is totally illegal..are cheating and they let people to use porn closed asap Hi Paulo, You can use Badoo for free and it is up to you to purchase any of our premium features or not.You can create a profile, upload as many photos and videos as you want, and chat and meet new people.

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Our premium features provide the possibility to gain more attention.

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