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Read our coverage of the protest at The Oregonian/Oregon Live: https:// 250 pigs have been causing a ruckus in a Vermont town the past month after they escaped from their enclosure, but most of them had been returned as of Thursday thanks in part to a trail of hot dog buns and good ol' fashioned corralling.

Odessa police spokesman Steve Le Sueur said that at least one person who was shot remained in life-threatening condition Sunday.

C." Mattel announced today Parks would be one of the latest additions to the series, which launched in 2018 and features dolls based on women who have played significant roles in history, including Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart and Katherine Johnson.

Its not just for the young, but its becoming popular with seniors.

In just about every town/city large or small there are many outdoor summer concerts that are often free of charge.

Scout in advance for something you feel would be appropriate and interesting for your girl and tell her to keep the dates open on the calendar.19) A Broadway Musical Date.

And, besides, you’d love a current picture of your daughter to hang on your office wall, or keep in your wallet, wouldn’t you? The guy at the paint store can get you what you need and tell you what you need to know in about ten minutes.15) Makeup Date? As a way to sell product, all the major brands offer “make-overs” where the makeup artist helps your daughter select shades, colors, etc., and then applies it to her face as she watches the progression in a mirror.

If you’re the creative, adventurous type, tell your daughter to bring a few extra clothes, pick an outdoor setting, and use your own phone to take pictures of her. Go to the paint store and let her pick out a color she would love. Okay, time for True Confessions: I used to be very strict (uptight) about my girls wearing makeup. The process can take upwards of an hour so, you will have to find something to do as no daughter on earth wants Dad to stand around watching while she’s being pampered in this way.

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