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Other states with organized and growing numbers of ERA activists on the ground include Georgia, Missouri and Utah.

Once the final state ratifies the ERA (which will hopefully happen in 2019), the fight will center around eliminating the previous 1982 ratification deadline in Congress. There is a recent precedent for successful ratification of a centuries-old amendment.

Like any other amendment, for example, the First Amendment, the body of law (legal precedent) would have to be litigated and developed using the ERA over time to protect women.

So, it is conceivable that this could happen with the ERA as well, given the right conditions in Congress.

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Passing the ERA would improve the standing of the United States globally. When it passed, the 1972 legislation included a 7-year deadline.

Upon reaching the original deadline without achieving the requisite number of state ratifications, pro-ERA advocates convinced Congress to extend the deadline until 1982.

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