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Uranium-lead dating at present puts the age of the earth at 4.5 to 5 billion years old (Ankerberg, 1998a).

However, how accurate are the techniques used to date the earth and is there any evidence that the earth could be less than billions of years old?

Our select venues and atmosphere are all about providing you with a comfortable space to get creative, express yourself and find that spark with someone special.

Our aim is for you to be comfortable at our events.

You’ll find yourself involved in free-flowing conversations while stretching your social muscles.

Afterwards, it’s common for the hosts to take you out for an after-party.

Most mutations, like the one that causes this fruit fly to have legs coming from the head region, corrupt genes rather than producing new information or new genes.

Blood clotting or coagulation involves a cascade reaction of about 13 proteins and has two pathways.

If God is beyond time, perhaps it is beyond us to argue the details of this?

Some Christians feel that the Young Earth position is in such conflict with science that it is totally untenable and indeed, to attempt to get people to accept a Young Earth view is counter productive to people accepting the Christian Faith.

Arguments in favour of an Old Earth that apparently fit in with the Genesis account can be seen at the web site Answers in Creation site, which tends to be very critical of Young Earth arguments, claiming that all can be falsified.

Come to a We Click speed dating event and there’s no long tables or interview style setups. We also guarantee you’ll always get to go on a date with every guest who attends.

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