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(This is the only part of the game that may or may not be improvised.)Choose three actors to play potential dates or contestants for your bachelorette.Have the audience yell out suggestions for the suitor’s professions.To begin with, the event is usually advertised and singles that want to participate gather at a café or bar.Each player is given a nametag (either containing your real name or a screen name) and a scorecard.However, I didn’t want them to focus on filling out the organizer the entire time.I had a timer going on the board and for 2 minutes they had to have “lids down” and just have a conversation.var $jscomp=$jscomp

Mark each date on the scorecard – Following each introduction, participants mark on their scorecard whether or not they would be interested in having a real date with the other person. After the game – Once the speed dating ends, the organizers check the scorecards and match up which partners have mutual interest in each other.

They spend a few minutes with one of the “sitting” students discussing the current topic on the board. It’s just like speed dating, but the goal is to end with debate, not a date. I had my “sitting” students sit on the inside of the circle so the other half could just rotate around the outside.

There is a small amount of prep that goes into this. It just made more logistical sense in my classroom.

We end up with the same speakers sharing their strongly held opinions while the rest of the class sits with glazed eyes.

That led me to create a new discussion style: “Speed Dating Discussion.” One set of students stays sitting in chairs while the other group rotates around.

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