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With the chemical changes in the brain, sometimes you might even overlook major flaws in your partner, and rush into marriage before actually crossing this phase.

I know this romantic feeling feels great while it lasts, but it doesn’t last forever even if you want it to.

This is the first stage in every love relationship, and most of you must be having fond memories of going through it – right?

When two people are attracted to each other, they get infatuated.

They put their best foot forward and are reeling with romance and passion. Well, simply put – you just can’t stop thinking of your partner – they are always on your mind!

The old saying “love is blind” is really apt in this stage because it truly is 🙂This ‘enchantment’ phase brings in a lot of affection, laughter, playfulness, and all the negative traits are ignored.

As I write about it, I remember the time I went through this phase – love was always in the air.

Captivation is the term that defines this phase, and is called by lovers as the sweetest among all stages of love relationship in life.

After a few months of being together with each other when the ‘love chemicals’ wear off, couples return to their normal selves with normal moods and sex drive.

But sometimes confrontation is healthy as it helps you understand things better.

When you learn to confront and resolve issues and conflicts, it helps your relationship mature.

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Lot of emphasis is laid on the similarities you both share.

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