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I don’t think I have been to Canberra since our year 6 excursion circa 1990.Now getting to Canberra isn’t the easiest thing to do when you live way up here.Their lovely pilot – Dave – headed up and flew me to Mt Isa.I was so grateful and really happy when I got to town. Next morning it was off to Canberra which was going to take me all day.CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH BUFFET Christmas is approaching - make sure you book early for Christmas and end of year celebrations at Stamford Plaza Melbourne.

4.50* per child, including juices and soft drinks. · Cold appetizers and hot dishes · Traditional roasts from the carvery station · Decadent dessert selection – Traditional Christmas stolen, Christmas pudding with brandied anglaise, just to name a few.Not enough rain to do any good in the paddocks, just to stop me driving.Thank goodness for our neighbours, to the south, who are also owned by the same company we work for. I am not sure where December went and how it is the 10th of January already but I thought it was high time I told you about my little adventure. Back in November, my lovely neighbour Shelly – from Trek West Hiking – called me and said “what are you doing on the 28th November” I checked my planner and I didn’t have anything on so she said “good, we are going to Canberra”…..Oh and I mean who am I to say no to a trip away with my good friend Shell even though I didn’t really know what it was all about?

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Shell sent me the details on the luncheon and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who the guest speakers were….

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