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Read: 100 sexy and Dirty things to say to your boyfriend 20.Pump: Hardest part of this position could be to find a stable chair.Sockets: Here the man lies on his side with the woman on her back. The woman can use her hands to also support her weight.

[Read: How to have Crazy Sex and Hit the G-Spot] 19.The man, sitting straight up in a high chair, should lift the woman so that her head is placed upside down between legs.When both of you have wrapped your arms around each other’s backs and the woman has wrapped her legs around her man’s neck, the man stands up carefully. The easiest way to get into this position is if the woman places herself on the edge of the bed and the man kneels on the floor.The woman can sense her sexual power in this position because she can make a lot of movements in order to match her man’s power.For instance, she can grind the hips to provide them both with an extra thrill.

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