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A place where they will be able to meet new friends in a friendly and safe environment.

There are some important online chat rules you must agree to first before proceeding. **This website will not be held responsible for any injury, harm, or criminal charges to users who do not abide by the above rules.

Thanks a lot Teen chat for providing me with friendships and creative opportunities for roleplaying!

Hey Teen Chat is so fun because u getta meet ppl from all over the world its AMAZING :) so have fun yall and thanks Dan for making this fun site.

The weather of this place disparate distinctively between winters and summers.

People in mass use Russian as the language while Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, and other languages are also in the trend.

The artistic culture of this country including the immense reservation of natural resources has contributed to the economic growth of Russia.

I love it also cause i getta talk to my friends and my 3 sisters yay When I first came upon this site I thought it was just another lame website.instead it was pretty cool and the more I came to this site the more ppl I met and I love how ppl on this site r actually a lot like me in many ways so its easier to connect.yea i love these chat rooms..aiight payce This chat site rockz! I've been on a lot of chat sites but I've never met ppl as nice and understanding as I have on this site...

All models were at least 18 years old at the time of the photography.

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