The 80 20 rule in dating

Being good at something, anything (that increases your value as a man--not an online game or some chit), will carry over into other aspects of your life.You can become a bang-on violin player or some chit and pull girls in the orchestra.- If anything you should use this thread to continue your self-improvement to make it to the top.Every guy has the potential to become the top 20% of something, whether it's humor, looks, wealth, being able to confidently approach women, stroke game, or whether you're just the coolest dude in a group of hot topic emo phags and you're banging all the emo sloots.The 80-20 rule is a precept, not a hard-and-fast mathematical law.In the rule, it is a coincidence that 80% and 20% equal 100%.Carla happened upon an article about the 80-20 rule.

She remembered the common fallacy cited in the article—if 20% of inputs are most important, then the other 80% must be unimportant—and did not want to make that mistake.The project was to create a blog and monitor its success during the course of a semester. Midway through the term, the professor conducted an evaluation of the blogs.Carla's blog, though it had achieved some visibility, generated the least amount of traffic compared with her classmates' blogs.In addition, external consultants who use Six Sigma and other management strategies have incorporated the 80-20 principle in their practices with good results.A Harvard graduate student, Carla, was working on an assignment for her digital communications class.

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You may think of the 80-20 rule as simple cause and effect: 80% of outcomes (outputs) come from 20% of causes (inputs).

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