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At Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, guests are issued high-tech cards that detect their presence and unlock the door before they even reach it. Smart rooms, smart badges and smart phones are all connected to share information and make getting what you want when you want it easier than ever.Look for facial recognition to unlock clickless access to just about everything.Hotels must be able to provide services in a multitude of languages, and tailored experiences properly suited to the culture and unique needs of their international visitors. Increasingly, travelers are expecting innovative wellness options.In addition to healthy food options, growing trends include lighting that energizes, air purification, yoga spaces, in-room exercise equipment and even vitamin-infused shower water.

In return, satisfied millennials will actively promote their businesses on social media channels. That ranked right behind dining (91 percent) and fun attractions (90 percent).At business meetings and conferences, travelers expect hotels and conference centers to have high quality tech equipment and a knowledgeable support staff.In the meeting room, planners are leveraging cloud-based digital registration and event app tools to deliver greener, more personalized experiences. is not keeping pace with global long-haul travel expansion.We wrote the following story in July 2015 and it has been one of your favorites ever since so we thought we would go back and let you know what has changed.The updates are highlighted below, and a few of the findings ended up surprising even us.

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