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I also noticed that a lot if profiles want to date people who are either one year younger or older than they in what I presume is just a way to filter out immature mates.Anyways, I'm just wondering if your one of these people and I'm slightly outside of your dating range, would you care enough not to message me back, simply because of that? I'm now thinking that the reason this might actually be a big difference is that a lot of the people I like tend to have already graduated from school and have a job already.I've recently noticed that I'll read through a profile and think great!I could totally click with this person, just to realize that I'm outside of their dating range.

In conclusion then, to put it mildly the jury is still out on what the age of consent in Korea is, and so this seems an opportune moment to throw open the floor to suggestions on how to continue from readers, which would be very much appreciated (not least by my wife! Before I do though, if you’re curious then the first two images above (source), then they are from the 2006 movie 다세포 소녀), which appears to be an excellent satire on Korean sexual mores; see here for an extensive review by – who else?

), it still took a great deal of time and effort to explain what the concept was.

Not to imply that they’re stupid and/or ignorant of course, but that Korean adults needed an explanation is surely indicative of how alien the notion of teenage sexuality is here (or at least public discussion of it).

Arguably somewhat arbitrary and hypocritical considering similar performances by other singers that The first step in preparing it was simply to ask my students.

But although their confusion was not entirely unexpected (whereas I’ve been writing about Korean sexuality for a long time now!

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