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And imagine…you get that kind of real-world boost before you’ve even gotten into the rest of Imagine holding the power to compose intriguing e-mails to women that stop them in their tracks…literally compelling them to drop everything and write you back. What’s more, think about how amazing it would feel knowing that you custom-crafted every single message in your own voice, without ever resorting to “cutting and pasting” some ready-made example that someone else came up with.

Well, imagine this: I’ve cracked the code on how to give you an objective, replicable way to consistently write a unique and creative first e-mail to any woman.

The ways to win at online dating are almost always counter-intuitive.

According to a study published in the book Freakonomics, over 50% of men who try online dating never get so much as a single response from any of the e-mails they send to women.You’re about to get an insider’s peek at twenty-six magical principles of powerful first e-mails that most men will never figure out.Then, I’ll give you a full fifty practical examples I’ve personally written to some of the very sharpest women online…complete with a full breakdown of every one of them.Represented here are literally years of first-hand experience having coached thousands of men and women to online dating success…yet you’ll be able to implement every bit of it in under two hours.You are guaranteed to improve your online dating fortunes today in literally dozens of ways…all without any wait, without anything complicated to figure out.

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