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(She doesn’t say how it happened although some speculate it’s because Will dropped her.) Jessica can tour, though, so that’s good. We’ve got another week of Comfort, who’s taking her place.Now, I’d love to hang with Comfort ‘cause I think she’s fun but this isn’t Lil’ C is the guest judge.The judges loved it with Murphy saying that they had amazing chemistry. Oh don’t get me started.)Before Lythgoe commented on the pas de deux he said a few words about choreographer Desmond Richardson and his partner Dwight and how honored he was that they were on the show. It’ll be interesting to see if the public loves Will as much as the judges do. Comfort does a solo piece that’s not as technically proficient as the other dancers. He’s got a giant “T” on his shirt and all he needs is Lois Lane and a cape and we’re good. I’ve gotta say that he’s coming out as one of my favorites. Next is a rumba and I do love that dance style ‘cause it’s sexy and fiery and it makes me miss my girlfriend. First, I love that two men showed Katee and Will a dance but second, I wonder what kind of partners, you know? Joshua does a hard hitting hip-hop solo that I want to watch several times. Chelsie and Gev finish off the evening with an explosive jive that’s joyful and fun. On Leslie AGD's note, it doesn't really seem like a lot of Latin or ballroom dancers made the top 20. i feel that they should have taken the redheaded roommate, instead of the other roommate-especially after other roommate said that she would not be back if she was not chosen. I really liked the guy who did that Gene Kelly-esque dance during his audition. I think I said this last year but I really like this show so much more than American Idol! I think Rayven is a beautiful dancer, but I think her personality might get to me.

I’ve stocked up on premium dark chocolate so I’m ready. Solemnly she tells us that she’s got a couple of broken ribs so no dancing for her for four weeks.

Kherington and Mark glide through a country two-step choreographed by Ronnie De Benedetta and a very pregnant Brandi Tobias. I’ll bet the baby was doing the backstroke in there.) It was a little too pretty and smooth even if Mark looked tres cute in his jeans and hat. Comfort and Twitch are paired for a smooth waltz that could’ve been smoother.

Lil’ C didn’t love it, Murphy used her pouty sad face and Lythgoe commented that Kherington was really leading, not Mark. Comfort is fabulous for someone who’s only been dancing for a few years, but she’s not top ten material. )Tice Diorio put together a Broadway routine for Katee and Will that’s pretty damn good and that’s saying a lot, considering how much I don’t love this genre.

I’m not always sure what he’s saying (he talks in circles) but he’s entertaining and I like the krump choreography he did for Kherington and Twitch last week. Lil’ C thought Joshua killed it and Courtney was good. (Well Nigel, obviously you’re going to the wrong parties.) He went on to say that Courtney wasn’t as good as Joshua.

Courtney and Joshua do a cool hip-hop number by Dave Scott where Courtney plays a kind of monster with Joshua as her Dr. Murphy screamed something that made my cats run from the room. Well duh, she’s a contemporary dancer so she’s not going to hit as hard as Joshua. It’s always tough for the ballroom dancers to solo but she pulled it off, even dropping to the floor once.

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