If I get a first date where I’m actually able to talk that a very good sign for how comfortable I am around the person I am on the date with. If things do progress onto date 3 or 4 or even a relationship develops the issue can be even more fun.

The unwritten rules of dating make it even more fun. I like most people with dyspraxia enjoy my quite time.

I use to allow my mind to relax, turno off or perhaps think about the day .

As a result I find it very hard to date someone who wants to texts or talks all the time.

I also have a record of where I spent the money so I can figure out where it is has all gone.

If someone does not ask why or understand why I don’t carry cash it may come across either of two extremes.

Pretty much in this area it is the blunter you can be with me the better. Similar to most with Dyspraxia I have sensory issues places with crowds or a lot of background noise can be no go zone.I always look at the time my brother in law asked me to be one of his groomsmen.I turned away from the TV I was watching said someone like “great” or “l’d love to” and went back to watching the TV.In the end, I had to make a move and hope I had read it right.Luckily that night I did read it right but I would consider that a fluke. I cannot tell the difference between someone being friendly and someone being into me as the above example shows.

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