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There is no way you can call this malicious code as there is no explicit code to brick nothing, it is the corruption of the update what actually causes the bad decrypted data to be written.Anyways in this update we check if decrypted data is wrong and in that case we write a recovery warning the user what happened.It will activate usb, and it will allow you to execute a recovery eboot.pbp…in a curious path (“ms0:/PSP/GAME/PS3NEWS_ARE_STEALERS_I_AM_NOT_GONNA_VISIT_THEM/EBOOT. PBP”) which is not at sight of an hex editor ;) If you visited ps3news and bricked in last release, then blame his administrator. I've done this a few times with older updates but never had a problem. Yeah, I just did all that and the same thing happened, it just froze up.– Warning: There is an incompatibility between 3.30 savedata and later ones.

It will interfere with existing XMB plugins that use HOME, so it can be disabled in recovery. Instructions are same as in previous release, except 3.30 firmware did not have libpspvmc.prx, so just ignore that file.

Go in to recovery (holding right shoulder button on boot up) make sure the kernel for home brew is set to 352.

– Added flash2 and flash3 usb to recovery – Added a setting in recovery to change the usb device to which XMB will connect. They require an UMD inserted because NO-UMD does not work.

– video isos and the game isos show in XMB use the same core.

Due to this, when you enter in game menu and there is some iso, if a video iso was currently mounted, it will automatically be unmounted. – UMD audio isos are theoretically supported, but not tested. Remember, you must be running any previous version of 3.52 M33 to apply this update.

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Remember, you must be running any previous version of 3.52 M33 to apply this update.

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